Michael Bellinfante is MXB and provides expert materials, supply and operations management consulting specializing in the application of PRMS to manufacturing enterprises.

PRMS Training, Education, Project Management, Consulting

The longest serving provider of PRMS support services in the world.

The combination of formal study, actual practice, implementing systems, designing ERP applications and experience from over fifty locations and environments, make MXB uniquely qualified.

Manufacturing Methods Improvements

Our core value is expert knowledge of manufacturing methods in many environments. Whether assemble to order, pull execution systems, managing and configuring MPS and MRP, I can provide proven options and techniques to support your broad goals.

Inventory Stuffed Like a Sausage
Managing Too Many Work Orders

If your facilities are stuffed like a sausage with inventory,

If you've got so many work orders to manage that they've become just a burdensome task,

Not Running MRP Daily

If you are not running MPS daily and managing the schedule by exception,

Stopped Looking at Exception Messages
Running Operations by Spreadsheets

If you have stopped looking at MRP exception messages,

MXB can help.

If you are running your operations by spreadsheets,

If you still have uncontrolled component shortages.

Instructor Led Education

MXB has been teaching PRMS continuously since 1983.

Using our RMS/Teachkit curriculum, your in house courses will be educational, motivational, and yes, fun. Your users will be very satisfied with the content, delivery and challenge of our education. This is the foundation to utilize PRMS as you know it can be.

Expert PRMS Application Helpline Telesupport

The answer is just an e-mail away. Simply ask your question and get an answer! Save days and weeks of elapsed time on your projects. Keep your thought processes and tasks on target. I have been working with PRMS since 1983 from many different perspectives including implementation, being a user, working under contract for Pansophic performing marketing, design, quality assurance and helpline support and as a management consultant specifically focusing on improving operations and planning with PRMS. Take advantage of this expertise with this low cost, high value service.

PRMS Application Use Audit and Enrichment Recommendations

If you have been using PRMS for quite some time, it may be time for review. Are you really using PRMS to it's potential in your environment? Are there opportunities to significantly improve the use and reduce modifications? Is management aware of the company position and opportunities with their business system?

Using an interview and data collection process, MXB can perform a comprehensive review and develop detail recommendations founded on sound tactical applications of PRMS. This review will guide your PRMS improvement efforts for one to two years.

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