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Our Professional Services include;

  • Expert PRMS application consulting,
  • Demand, Supply, and Manufacturing Operations optimization through analysis, development of strategy, methods and implementation,
  • Instructor led education,
  • Expert PRMS application helpline telesupport.

Our Educational Products include;

Self Study for PRMS is here, now!

PRMS Overview, All Told
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"What does PRMS do?"

"What features and functions are available?"

"We've been doing it this way for years, is there a better way?"

"Do we really need to make a program change?"

"I'm new to the company, how do I learn about PRMS?"

Your answers are just a click away

There is nothing like PRMS Overview, All Told. This comprehensive self-learn or teacher led content is the most comprehensive review of the features and functions of PRMS available anywhere. Every base module of PRMS is covered including full color application flow charts, bullet listings of all the features and functions and narratives describing each.

And we know you may not be on the latest version of PRMS. That is why each of the features and functions is identified with the version/release number when it was available so simply by knowing what release you have, you will always know what is available and what are future opportunities. This historical perspective of PRMS and how it directly relates to your company's installation cannot be found anywhere else in the PRMS world.

PRMS Expertise at your fingertips!

SOX Compliance got your development stuck in the mud?

Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has changed everything. Do you have the applications ready to go but can't get through the testing and signoff to implement?

We can help!

Application Modeling

Test Plans

Script Development

Application Testing and Documentation

We've been doing it for decades - no big deal - let us help! With remote access, it's fast, affordable and packed with value!

Materials Management Help?

Do you need to develop and implement an inventory strategy to increase customer service AND reduce inventories?

Do you need an expert to analyze your demand and usage of materials?

Do you need an expert to configure MPS to get the most bang out of your production schedule?

Do you need an expert to configure MRP to configure lot sizing and order patterns to maximize your inventory investment?

Do you need an expert in Purchasing to streamline the administration and maintenance of purchase agreements and let your Purchasing staff get to work saving money?

MXB - the combination of PRMS application expertise and the science of materials management!

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MRP II Concepts & Evolution

PRMS Product Definition

PRMS Overview - All Told

PRMS Router Training

Version 9 Enhancements

PRMS Standard Costing

PRMS Forecasting Workbench

PRMS Inventory Control

PRMS Manufacturing Planning

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PRMS Managing Outside Operations

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