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Michael Bellinfante is MXB and is expert on PRMS functionality.  His experience since 1983 includes implementation leadership, working for the developers PCR and Pansophic as well as over 50 clients throughout the US and International locations.  In addition, he is educated and practiced in Material Requirements Planning and Manufacturing business processes.

Are you Ready to Maximize your use of PRMS or Implement at additional sites?

PRMS has always been very strong in the Manufacturing modules and even though it’s development cycle is over, you can still leverage the application strength in your modern environment.  Its highly integrated application flow supports a powerful database that can be yours to leverage and deliver.  Using spreadsheets for Master Schedule or MRP?  How about custom shortage reports?  Have business processes that entail convoluted transactions that don’t match the process?  Lots of journal entries closing the books?

And the real test, and quantifier of chaos - are you using MRP Exception messages to manage your inventory and supply chain? 

MXB is uniquely qualified to help your company position PRMS as the core version of the truth from which you can deliver effective tools and information throughout your organization.  Michael’s experience with so many companies and environments means that while he hasn’t seen it all, he sure has seen a lot.  And that means value for your company to leverage.

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PRMS stands for Pansophic Resource Management System.  Originally developed by Professional Computer Resources, it has also been developed and marketed by Pansophic Systems, Computer Associates, SSA and Infor.

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