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Nothing less than the best PRMStm education curriculum! Each course is a comprehensive review of the subject including all supporting master files and functions. Each student will have a thorough understanding of the options available and the necessary steps to setup and implement the functions.

Why the quality of Student Workbooks matters!
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We bring a perspective developed over many years from participating in the development of PRMS through supporting a wide range of the user base. We haven't seen it all but we have seen a lot and combined with the comprehensive student workbooks, this is a PRMS learning experience that has no equal.

If you are looking for the best PRMS instructor led education that will open eyes to the many opportunities available and motivate your team to initiate and tackle application and business process improvements, ask for Mike Bellinfante of MXB. Mike has been educating users of PRMS for 20 years, continuously developing the course content and delivery methods. Because Mike's background is Inventory and Operations Management, he brings a wealth of formal study and industry experience. Being the longest serving provider of PRMS in the world, add a healthy dose of PRMS expertise that has no equal and you have all the ingredients for education that will surpass your expectations.

If you plan on performing the education internally or are looking for an e-learning solution including a comprehensive reference and analysis tool, click on RMSeLib E-Learning.

If you are looking for one title applicable and accessible to every user of PRMS and covers all the features and functions, click PRMS Overview, All Told.

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Online Tutorials

The Keyboard & PRMS

Navigating PRMS

Purchasing Overview

Requisition Processing

Purchase Order Processing

Measuring Execution Performance

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PRMS Overview, All Told
Professional Services

Online Tutorial Descriptions

The Keyboard and PRMS - Do you remember that first experience with PRMS and the AS/400? I do and it was not pleasant. What does field exit do? How to enter a minus value? What is roll up, roll down, roll factor? The answers to these questions and more. The new user can simply sit back and watch a timed tutorial specifically focused on keyboard usage.

Navigating PRMS - Just for the new user who is probably hopefully lost in the menu system, this timed presentation discusses just what the menus are, how to use option names and numbers and generally how to get around.

Purchasing Overview - The first part of a three part procurement series, this timed presentation is an excellent overview of the different paths of procurement in PRMS. Requisitions, Auto PO Create, PO processing and printing, all are covered.

Requisition Processing - Training to use requisitions for non-standard items, MRP items and order point. If you use Requisitions, this is the training tool you should have.

Purchase Order Processing - This training specifically covers the creation of the P.O. by any of the means available and processing that order through print, inquiries and reports. An excellent tool for the new buyer.

Measuring Execution Performance - Are you still using measurements from spreadsheets, based on your previous systems metrics? This presentation covers each area of execution, Customer Orders, MPS, Shop Floor, Purchasing, RO's and suggests key measurements for Work Load, Efficiency and Timeliness. Included are specific fields, files and calculations. Measurements may be unique to your business. This presentation will provide the foundation for the development of those measurements.

Welcome to PRMS- Just for the new user. This two part manual covers the use of the keyboard and navigating the menu system of PRMS. It's the book version of our online tutorials "The Keyboard and PRMS" and "Navigating PRMS".

'Canned' Reports and Inquiries - A Vice President once asked me "is there anywhere I can find out what reports and inquiries are available in PRMS?" 'Canned' is the answer. Using our picture of contents, just click to the subject you are looking for. We have compiled summary information for 229 reports and inquiries and make access to this as simple as a click.

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