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Michael Bellinfante is the sole proprietor of MXB

Through high school and college, Mike worked labor positions for manufacturing companies in Tucson and Flagstaff, AZ. This experience launched his desire and career path in manufacturing. He obtained a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (1979) degree from Northern Arizona University. His major emphasis of study was Production and Operations Management and provided the baseline knowledge of MRP systems while still in their infancy.

Upon graduation, Mike worked for Samsonite Corporation in their Tucson/Nogales, Mexico operation, positions including Cost Accountant, Project Leader, New Products/ECN Coordinator, Master Scheduler and Purchasing Manager. In 1983, he went to work for General Instrument to assist in one of the first major manufacturing implementations of PRMS as the beta site for Version 6. He was responsible for all the material management project activities and development and execution of the company wide PRMS education and training plan. The implementation was on time and within budget.

In 1986, MXB was created to provide implementation services for PRMS. The client base included companies preparing to implement PRMS as well as to Professional Computer Resources, the original developer of RMS/38, the predecessor of PRMS. He brought actual experience as well as academic knowledge of manufacturing systems to PCR and their clients. His first project was the development and authorship of the Conference Room Pilot Administrator's Guide. His work continued with manning the helpline during version 7 and implementation support to projects incurring difficulties. This combination of serving both the user community as well as the provider continued with Pansophic Systems through the development and rollout of version 8 through 8.3, performing such services as market analysis, requirements definitions, conceptual and external designs, internal education, development of QA framework and test scripts, and writing education manuals.

Mike has had the opportunity to use these varied skills in over 50 different sites, always learning and building on the base of experiences to provide a deeper level of expertise to his future clients. Nowhere else will you find this unique combination of manufacturing expertise from both an academic and practical perspective as well as in depth application expertise of PRMS. There is simply no other resource that has the breadth of knowledge in manufacturing, application systems and business practices than Mike.

The PRMS market has matured and the services that MXB provide have changed and grown. Our clientele is now likely to be a company that has had PRMS installed for some time. The subjects of focus tend to include;

Business process improvement
* Implementation of pull execution systems
* Streamlining the procurement process
* Reconfiguration of Dock to Stock
* Changing material delivery from discrete picks to standard issue replenishments
* Configuration and automation of MPS and MRP processing
* Streamline Customer Order Processing
* Implementing, optimizing inventory allocation processes and procedures
* Implementing, improving shipment forecasting
* Repairs & Returns

Bringing up an additional sites or businesses on PRMS

Application effectiveness audits

Inventory strategy and policy configuration

Application modeling

Expert analysis and answers

Instructor led in house education

Our educational content development began in 1983 and throughout the years, the materials have been added to, refined, styled and delivered in multiple mediums. The goal has always been to utilize the technology and tools of desktop publishing to enhance the presentation and learning experience.

We have instructed over 4000 students in the feature, function and detail application of PRMS throughout the U.S. In England and Australia, Mike compiled his materials into the Expert Curriculum and trained 3 waves of Pansophic application consultants.

In 1997, the RMS/Teachkit education curriculum was formalized with a thorough remake of both content and delivery. More courses, narrative comments and hints for the instructor, more 'how to use' content, more illustrations and conversion to full color. The days of the print screens on overheads were delcared dead as we converted to Adobe Acrobat specifically styled to project from full color data show systems. Our content could now stand alone and we introduced RMS/Present, individual courseware. We have countless hours invested in our content and to protect that investment, each and every time we upgrade our courses, we review everything, we just don't add the new items. The result, the most comprehensive and complete PRMS education curriculum in the world. And we practice what we preach. We produce high quality student manuals delivered on time 100% of the time. Customer Orders are our demand, our lead time is print/assembly time + shipping (and no more) and our inventory is pulled. No excess, very little scrap and that translates to aggressive pricing and value to you.

In 1998, MXB and the PRMS User Group entered a partnership and delivered the online, interactive version of Version 8.4 Enhancements. This was the first entry into the e-learning arena. Many companies got their first detailed exposure to the upcoming changes that would affect nearly every user of PRMS through this ElectricEd product.

In the fall of 2000, RMSeLib was introduced. We took our entire library of released content, constructed a simple to use menu and applied "the power of search", enabling an expert data base of PRMS knowledge with a simple click. While e-learning is garnishing the attention of trade publications covering several hundred thousand dollar solutions, MXB is delivering e-learning to a specialized market with ROI measured in days!

In September of 2002, RMSTrain was released. RMSTrain supports prescriptive learning through the creation and maintenance of custom training plans by student according to pre-defined curriculums by position. In two simple clicks, a training plan can be produced and registered. The trainee, using the training plan can click directly to the scheduled course and track the completion.

The summer of 2005 was a busy one. In support of a conversion from 8.4 to 10.0, our Teachkit curriculum went through a major upgrade including content, styling and product simplification. The end result is a more thorough library yet more flexible and simpler to maintain.

The future will bring continued development of the core content and the fulfillment of an integrated e-learning environment, utilizing industry experience, PRMS expertise and content management technology to deliver the absolute best PRMS education, training, and application support.

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PRMS is a trademark of Infor Global Solutions. RMSeLib, RMS/Teachkit, RMSTrain and RMS/Present are trademarks of MXB.