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Why are the content and student materials important?

The best and most expert consultant can communicate exactly what you want to know, so what's the big deal about materials?

Consider the following;

1) What would you guess is the retention rate of details from a three day class?

I've heard many numbers, all low. So what's going to happen when you try to turn that great idea into a test run? What will you use as a reference or help guide?

2) "I was interested in that topic yesterday but today I need to know about..."

Your business is subject to changing priorities all the time and if the class focuses on solutions for your environment as of that day, how will you learn about the features and functions that may help you tomorrow? Our curriculum thoroughly covers the breadth of PRMS and is a lasting reference.

3) "I'm brand new to the position, is there anything available I can read to learn about how the system works?"

When the only thing you have to learn from is word of mouth experience the facts begin to change and the scope continues to narrow.

Why is our content the best?

I began developing PRMS educational content in 1983 from dissatisfaction with the quality and approach of 'the other guys'. As I sat in a Manufacturing Planning class knowing that in a few short months I would be responsible for the education and training plan of a 1000 person operation, I watched the instructor remove the transparency of a screen print from the projector. He then projected a live version of that same screen onto the wall. I looked down to my manual to hopefully draw some explanation of what the function did but only found that same print screen. I knew there must be a better way. The RMS/Teachkit curriculum was born.

Course Flow and Content

Let's start with the flow of the course. We begin with how the course fits into the whole framework of the integrated system. We then detail the major features and functions of the applications to be covered. This provides an smooth transition to the acronyms and concepts to be built upon.

Then, each and every master file that has an impact is covered in detail. This is so important in developing expertise because this is the heart of the database and the application logic. A description focused on "what does this really do?" is available for input fields. This provides an excellent opportunity to review "who" and "how" will this file be maintained. And for those looking to learn about the database, the file name is included with each option. We then reinforce what was learned with workshops that have each attendee create each of the master files to support an example they have deliberated and decided.

The next step is the functional options themselves. They are sequenced according to how the job is done, not by the program numbers. Along the way, obstacles and opportunites are brought to light clearly and concisely. When appropriate, print screens are included but only as a complement to the full color illustrations and narrative descriptions. You have the system, you have the projection, no sense wasting manual real estate with redundant images when we can better use that space for real expertise!

PRMS has a full complement of reports and inquiries. The selection methods and output include significant contributions to managing the processes. But we also know that most often, custom reports and inquiries are used in the day to day operations. We have developed a unique style to review reports and inquiries that cover the selection methods and output but does not consume an inordinate amount of time.

We complete the tour with self-contained workshops that are a step by step instruction of how to setup and use the functions. These workshops can be used over and over as a continuous refresher.

There are many subjects that contain great value for some environments but have no applicability for many. We will often include this content as appendices, so it's your choice whether to cover or not. Just to mention a few;

  • Frequently Used PRMS Functions, Master Files, Reports and Inquiries
  • Application Server Listing
  • Forecast Files List
  • Creating Forecast Models and Structures
  • Features and Options
  • Consignment Inventory
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • G/L Account Description Index
  • PRMS Actual Cost Definitions
  • Accounts Payable G/L Account Descriptions and Transactions
  • Version 9.0/9.1 Technical Change Overview
  • "Where did those fields go?" analysis of 8.4 to 9.0
  • Product Cost Query File

This attention to detail really pays when you invoke 'Search'. For instance, if you lookup 'Safety Stock' you will be presented with explanations and references from 10 different titles. By clicking the 'Next Highlight' button you will be directed through almost 70 pages of references from many perspectives. This is Expertise at your fingertips!

Visually appealing, easy to read and use

Styling and desktop publishing have come a long way in the last 15 years and we take advantage of it.

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words and we develop full color illustrations that serve as the foundation of discussion. In our last count, RMSeLib contained over 650 illustrations.

Pictures are great but the printed word and especially the format of the presented page is important also. To us, a page is an opportunity to convey a specific concept, message of thought and we design to that. We select paragraph and font styling for legibility from both the perspective of projecting the image and reading the workbook.

A lasting reference, no matter what version you are running

We know you can't keep up to the latest release. We also know that understanding what is contained in the new release is valuable information whether you intend to upgrade or not. This is why we have dillegently annotated all changes since 8.3. How does this help you? Well suppose you are running version 8.4, pre 9707 and have no immediate plans to upgrade. For every change that has been made since then, you will find a symbol indicating which release the change was introduced. You will know to learn more or bypass depending on whether you are teaching a 'here and now' course or reviewing your options and value for next year. And if you want to review all the changes we cover in a particular release, just enter the release number into 'Search' (see below).

But by far the most powerful feature of our products is that we take advantage of all these features with 'the power of search' included in our RMSeLib product. With immediate response, simply enter the word(s) or phrase you are interested in and our entire curriculum is at your fingertips to simply click and review. And that's what we mean by


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