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The most comprehensive education, training and reference solution ever developed for PRMS

PRMS Expertise at your fingertips!

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Train the Trainer or Self-Review Toolset (return to top)

Everything you need to conduct your own continuing education and training program!

The core of RMSelib is the RMS/Teachkit in house education curriculum. Each course, including workshops and Teacher's Notes, is included. Specifically designed to project from your data projection system to the classroom. You may print your own student materials or leave the printing and delivery to us. At last count, 27 titles to support your Train the Trainer approach or be used for self-review. And each and every title is available from a single menu with a simple click.

RMSTrain, student training plans including custom curriculums by position/student

New User Training (return to top)

That first exposure to PRMS and the iSeries (AS/400) can be quite intimidating. RMSelib contains five selections specifically for the new user.

On-line Searchable Expert Reference Library (return to top)

The most effective tool you can provide to your helpline, development staff or end users

Boost the productivity of program analysis and development by leaps

The entire contents of RMSelib are indexed and ready to be searched. Want to know what a field does? Are you looking for the best review of an application? Trying to find the program number of an inquiry? Just use the Search button from the main menu and Adobe Acrobat will instantly display a where used and applicabililty rating for each document including that content. You can then simply click your way through the entire library with the "Search Next Selection" function. Hours of research with a few simple clicks. What makes this possible is our content . Developed over 16 years, influenced by experiences of using PRMS, designing PRMS, testing PRMS and supporting it. This is...
PRMS Expertise at your fingertips!

"I have been using the RMSeLib and find it a great tool. What I do with the RMSeLib is go to the PRMS function that I am focusing on that day and do a search on the option. RMSeLib then brings up all the documents relating to that subject. I print all these documents and then use them during my learning and testing process. I also use it for quick references that come up during the course of the day." (Jayne Wood, Jackson Products)

Multiple Format Offerings Fit Your Specific Requirements (return to top)

Take your pick

Author - Searchable Database, Self-Review, Present, Print
All titles included and the ability to add, change, customize, integrate with other applications and print for individual use. Everything except optimized print and modification. And we'll support your student workbook print requirements for a per book fee. Use RMSeLib to build custom content for your education, training and focused review requirements!
Production Edition
Author Edition plus a custom set of print files custom formatted for two-sided student workbook production. Submit for print on your laser printers or send the standard .pdf format file to your favorite printing source. If you plan to conduct your own classes, this edition is for you!

Customizable, multi-user, multi-platform, standard format (return to top)

Adobe Acrobat offers many features to support continued use and development of your expert database. Your purchase of Adobe Acrobat allows the following features;
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