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3 days


Director Mat'ls., Production Manager, Master Production Scheduler, Production Control, Mgr Materials/Purchasing, Buyer/Planners, Mgr Cost Accounting, Controller, Cost Accountants, Mgr Engineering Standards, Business Analyst, Programmer/Analyst, Applications Mgr


Understand the different manufacturing methods available in PRMS and how they apply to specific processes in your operations. Be able to configure all the master files to execute the discrete, repetitive and pull execution methods including scheduling, issuing material and reporting production. Understand the different methods of material allocation and handling. Understand backflushing and the necessary controls of Work In Process.

Topics Covered

Overview of PRMS Manufacturing, Product Master Maintenance review, Shop Floor Control setup, Discrete manufacturing process, Repetitive/Process manufacturing process, Orderless (pull) process, Reports & Inquiries, Capacity Requirements Planning and a summary review of Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led with hands on workshop or self-review

Course Details
Introduction to PRMS Manufacturing
PRMS Overview
Environments and Order Types
Types of Orders
Shop Floor Control in PRMS
A Selected Review of Product Master
Shop Data Maintenance
Major Features
Routings and Work Centers
System Control
Burden Element Definition
Operation Lead Time Calculations
Work Center Maintenance
Production Line Maintenance
Line Calendar Maintenance
Routing Maintenance
Planned Input/Output Maintenance
Product Structure Maintenance
Material Control Fields
Backflushing in PRMS
Shop Floor Control
System Control
System Control - MPS Tie Rules
Shop Floor Control in PRMS
Shop Floor Control - Discrete Processing
Functional Process
Structure of Manufacturing Orders
Work Order Creation
Batch Work Order Creation
Lower Level Material Availability
Soft Bill Maintenance
Auto Allocation to Lots
Lot/Bin Level Allocation Maintenance
Shop Packet Print
Material Transaction Maintenance
Dispatch List
Work Center Inquiry
Anticipated Delay Maintenance
Labor Entry Maintenance
Shop Floor Control - Repetitive/Process
Functional Process
Scheduling Workbench
Shortage Reporting
Material Staging Request
Material Re-Staging Request
Reprint Pick Slip Report
Consolidated Pick Movement
Consolidated Pick Misc. Move
Staged Material Issues
Deallocate Consolidated Pick
Consolidated Pick Purge Records
Line Initialization
Production Transaction Processing
Reports and Inquiries
Work Order/FPO Inquiry
Dispatch List
Work Center Inquiry
Lot/Bin Level Alloc. Inquiry
Shortage Report
Production/Labor Reports
Work Center Performance Mgr.'s Report
Production Variance Report
WIP Valuation Report
Efficiency Report
Production Schedule Reports
Open Cons. Pick Slip Report
Shortage Reports
Detail Allocation Report
Consolidated Pick Inquiry
Staged Component/Order Mismatch Report
Down Time Reports
Scrap Reports
Production Yield Report
Schedule Performance Report
Line Labor Effectiveness Report
Capacity Requirements Planning
Maintenance Programs and Functions
CRP Generation
CRP Inquiry/Pegging
CRP Generation Reports
Work Center Variance Maintenance
Work Center Variance Batch Update
Rough Cut Capacity Planning
Rough Cut - Demand vs. Resources
Major Features
Application Flow
Hands On Workshop


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