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3 Days


Buyer/Planners, Mgr Purchasing/Mat'ls, Business Analyst, Programmer/Analyst, Purchasing Administration, Warehouse Mgr & Supv., Receiving personnel, Qualty Inspection Mgr, Cost Accountants


The student will understand and practice the electronic path of Planned Order Releases from MRP into Procurement execution (Purchase Orders). The student will understand the configuration of the Dock to Stock receiving path, what it means to Purchasing performance and how to perform receiving transactions.

Topics Covered

Overview of Procurement, Purchasing Setup, Requisition and Purchasing Execution, Purchasing Reports & Inquiries, Dock to Stock Setup, Receiving Transactions, Receiving Reports & Inquiries, Measuring Purchasing and Vendor Performance

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led with hands-on workshop or self-review

Course Details
Purchasing Overview
Paths of Procurement
Requisition Features
Purchasing Functions
Purchase Order Search Hierarchy
Reports and Inquiries
Dock to Stock
Dock to Stock Features
Purchasing Setup
System Control
Purchasing Master Files
Vendor Master Maintenance
Vendor Payment Data Maintenance
Buyer Master Maintenance
Product/Vendor Maintenance
Vendor Schedules
Quote Maintenance
Product Master Maintenance
Purchasing Rate Code Maintenance
Duty Code Maintenance
Purchase Product Cost Update
Vendor/Plant Cross Reference
Purchasing Execution
Paths of Procurement
Auto Create From MRP
Requisition Entry
Purchase Order Entry
Blanket Purchase Orders
Service PO's
Vendor Scheduling
PO Print & Re-print
 Purchasing Reports and Inquiries
Purchase Order Inquiry
Quote Inquiry
Vendor Alpha Lookup
Requisitions by Buyer/Vendor
Quotations by Vendor/Product
Vendor Approval List
PO Expected Date Reports
Shortage Report
P.O. to Batch Order Entry Transfer
Dock to Stock
System Control
Receipt Transaction Maintenance
Disposition Master Maintenance
Authorized User Maintenance
Setup Reports
Disposition Master List
Receipts Transaction List
Receiving Execution
Receipts Entry
Disposition Update
Traveler Print/Reprint
Batch PO Receiving
ASN Batch Creation
Batch Receiving Entry/Maint
Batch Receiving Edit/Update
Receipt Intransit Number Maint
Mass Disposition Update
Receiving Reports & Inquiries
Daily Receipts
Receipt Reports
Receipts at Disposition Report/Inquiry
Purchasing Performance
Purchase Order Variance
Purchase Order Matching
Performance Reports
Invoices Paid Against Blanket PO's
Historical PPV Report
PPV Subledger Report
Database Configuration
Period End & Miscellaneous
System Control
Matching Audit File Purge
Purchasing Period End
PO Cost Entry
Purchasing and Receiving Workshop


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