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Anyone who uses and supports PRMS and is affected by how the product or manufacturing process is configured. Master Production Scheduler, Production Control, Mgr Materials/Purchasing, Buyers/Planners, Mgr Cost Accounting, Cost Accountants, Controller, Product R&D, Engineering Stds Mgr, Production Engineers, Financial Analysts, Service Mgr., Programmer/Analyst, Applications Mgr, Business Analyst


This course is specific to the definition of a product, product structure and work centers/routers to PRMS and is the foundating of how the applications function. The student will understand and have been exposed to all the fields that determine how these master files are configured and how those fields effect the operation of PRMS.

Topics Covered

Units of Measure, Product Master, Product Structure, Routings, Shop Data Functions. Optional review of Features & Options

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led with hands-on workshop or self-review

Course Details
Units of Measure
Types of Units of Measure
Setting Up
Unit of Measure Table Maintenance
Product Master
Product Master Maintenance
Selecting The Groups of Information
Selecting and Maintaining a Product
General Product Information
Costing Data
Order Processing
General Manufacturing
Manufacturing Planning
Distribution Requirements Planning
Product Inventory
Product Trade Information
Product Default Group Code
Product Structure
Major Features
Primary Functions
System Control
Defining the Product Structure
Product Structure Maintenance
Backflushing in PRMS
Global Component Replace
ECN Maintenance
Lead Time Calculations
Product Structure Reorganization
Product Structure (cont.)
Reports and Inquiries
Product Structure Inquiry
Product Structure Assembly Report
Engineering Assembly Report
Where Used Report
Engineering Change List
Catalog Number Inquiry
Model/Options Cost Report
Product Assembly Compare Report
Simulation Sets
What They Do
Major Features
Each Operation is a Paypoint
Selective Operations as Paypoints
Shop Data Functions
System Control
Burden Element Definition
Operation Code Maintenance
Rate Code Maintenance
Set-up Code Maintenance
Work Center Maintenance
Production Line Maintenance
Text Code Maintenance
Routing Maintenance
Operation Lead Time Calculations
How Operation Lead Times are Calculated
Command Functions
Standards Input
Routing Inquiry
Hands On Workshop


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