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2 Days


All users and decision makers that work, touch or direct PRMS including executive management


Understand what is meant by an integrated system. Understand the features and functions offered by PRMS and the applicability to your business. Understand where key opportunities are available and comprehension of the efforts required to pursue the opportunities.

Topics Covered

All features and functions within PRMS

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led or self-review

Course Details
Modules and Environments
Forecasting Workbench
Forecast Environments
Forecasting Techniques
Forecasting Model Management
Forecasting Product Classifications
Four Methods of Safety Stock
Forecasting Reports
Distribution Requirements Planning
DRP Features
Maintenance Functions
Operational Functions
Reports and Inquiries
Warehouse Replenishment Orders
WRO Features
Replenishment Order Functional Process
Reports and Inquiries
Customer Order Processing
Order Processing Features
Flow and Functions
Master File Maintenance
Returned Goods Processing
Consignment Inventory
Vendor Managed Inventory
Accounts Receivable
Self-Bill Invoicing
Dunning Support
Maintenance Programs
Reports & Inquiries
Product Structure
Major Features
Primary Functions
Reports & Inquiries
Master Production Scheduling
The Production Planning Process
Major Features
Forecasting Setup Functions
Demand Source Management
Setup Functions
Exception Messages
Functions, Reports, Inquiries
Rough Cut Capacity Planning
Rough Cut - Demand vs. Resources
Major Features
Application Flow
Material Requirements Planning
What it Does
Major Features
Exception Management


Shop Floor Control
Environments and Order Types
Shop Floor Control - Discrete Processing
Functional Process
Reports and Inquiries
Shop Floor Control - Repetitive/Process
Functional Process
Reports and Inquiries
Shop Data Maintenance
Major Features
Routings and Work Centers
Burden Element Definition
Standard Cost Functions
Major Features
Developing Product Costs
Cost Maintenance Functions
G/L Account Hierarchy
Product Cost Inquiry/Reports
Cost Analysis Workbench
Project Cost Tracking
Capacity Requirements Planning
Load versus Capacity
Maintenance Programs and Functions
Purchasing & Receiving
Purchasing & Receiving Process
Paths of Procurement
Requisition Features
Purchasing Features
Purchase Order Price Search Hierarchy
Blanket Purchase Orders
Vendor Scheduling
Master File Maintenance & Operational Functions
Dock to Stock
Dock to Stock Features
Inventory Control
Inventory Structure
Major Features
Reports and Inquiries
Physical Inventory/Cycle Count
Major Features
Process Flow
Reports and Inquiries
Accounts Payable
Major Features
Functional Process
Transaction and Maintenance Reports
Performance Analysis Reports
Quality Control
Major Features
Process Flow
Appendix A
Frequently Used PRMS Functions, Master Files, Inquiries and Reports
Appendix B
Version 9 Technical Change Overview
Appendix C
Application Server Listing
Appendix B
9.2 Line Item Enhancements


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