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Sales & Marketing Mgr, Sales & Markting Administration, Product Mgr, Distribution & Customer Service Mgr, Forecast Mgr, Programmer Analyst, Business Analyst, Master Production Scheduler


Understand the environments that forecasting works within. Understand the concepts of forecasting and specifically the forecasting methods available. Be able to configure and execute a forecast. Understand the impact to the Sales and Operation Planning process.

Topics Covered

Forecasting Methods, Forecasting Product Configurations, Forecasting Environments, Master File Setup, Forecast Operations, Inquiries and Reports

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led or self-review

Course Details
Forecasting Workbench Overview
What it Does
Forecasting Methods
Forecasting Techniques
Simple Moving Average
Exponential Smoothing
Exponential Smoothing with Trend
Exponential with Seasonality
Exponential with Seasonality/Trend
User Enter and Locked
Focus ForecastingTM
This Year/Last Year Next Quarter
Last Year Quarter = Next Quarter
Product Group Forecasting
Four Methods of Safety Stock
Safety Stock Methods Compared
Exception Reporting
Forecasting Product Configuration
Forecasting Product Classifications
Mass Parameter Maintenance
Forecasting Environments
Single Plant
Multi Plant
Forecast Transfer Program
Purchased Finished Goods
Simple Order Point
Time Phased Order Point
Focus Forecasting is a registered trademark of IBI
Setting Up and Operations
System Control
Product Master Maintenance
Warehouse Inventory Maintenance
Seasonal Profiles
Mass Parameter Maintenance
Forecast Information Maintenance
Forecast Profiles
Creating the Calendar
Shop Calendar Maintenance
Forecast Period Maintenance
Generate Calendar
Update Calendar (Holidays)
Post Calendar Updates
Print Calendar
Calendar Inquiry
Entering Forecasts - Forecast Update
Forecasting Inquiries & Reports
Seasonal Profiles Inquiry/Where Used
Forecast Profiles Inquiry/Where Used
Forecast Information Inquiry
Time Phased Order Point Inquiry
TPOP Calendar Inquiry
Sales Forecasting Inquiry & Retrieval
Product Group Explosion/Implosion
Product Group Model Inquiry
Forecast Performance Report
Excess/No Move Inventory Report
Forecast and Parameter Exception Report
Forecast Explosion Report
Forecast and Demand History Report
MPS Forecast Transfer Report
Calendar Print
Period End
Log Current Forecast to History
Generate Forecast Parameters


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