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1 Day


Master Production Schedulers, Production Schedulers, Buyers, Purchasing Mgr, , Planners, Cost Accountants, Cost Mgr, Controller, Programmer/Analyst, Warehouse Mgr/Supervisor, Warehouse Administration


Understand what a Cycle Count program is. Understand the difference between counting by ABC and counting by location. Be able to configure the master files to conduct a cycle count or physical inventory. Be able to schedule, freeze, execute and reconcile a count.

Topics Covered

Cycle and Physical counting concepts, setting up the Cycle Count module, executing a cycle count, Reports and Inquiries

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led with hands-on workshop or self-review

Course Details
Why Count?
Why Do We Do Physicals?
Impact of Inaccurate Inventories
Complications of MRP II
What is Wrong with doing Physicals
Operational Requirements
Cycle Counting
Getting There
Defining the Program
Defining "Accuracy"
Defining the Organizational Requirements
Setting Up
A Counting Commitment
System Control
Warehouse Master
Reason Code Maintenance
Counting by Master Count Schedule
System Control
Functional Programs
ABC Analysis and Update
Manual ABC Classification
Count Day Calendar
Count Schedule Generation
Counting by Master Count Schedule, Location, or Physical
Functional Programs
Count Day Setup
Count Day Maintenance
Count Day Initiation
The PRMS Counting Process
Print Counting Tags
Count Entry Maintenance
Count Adjustment Entry
Count Adjustment Posting
Accounting Warehouse Write-Off
Tracking File Purge
WIP Reporting Forms
ABC Analysis Report
Scheduled Count Items Report
Unscheduled Items Audit Report
Missing Tags Report
Item Count Variance Report
Item Inventory Accuracy Report
Hands On Workshop


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