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Inside Sales & Admin, Marketing Admin., Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Customer Service, Sales & Mktg Mgmt, Dist & Cust Service Mgr, Order Entry personnel, Warehouse Managers, Supervisors and Administrative, Billing, Programmer Analysts, Applications Mgr.


Proficiency in setting up, entering and processing customer orders through the generation of the invoice.

Topics Covered

Types of customer orders and processes, Master file configuration, Order Entry, Order Processing through shipment and invoicing, Reports & Inquiries

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led with hands-on workshop or self-review

Workbook length (pages)


Course Details
Modules and Environments
Customer Order Processing
Types & Methods of Creating Customer Orders
Blanket Customer Orders
Consignment Inventory
Vendor Managed Inventory
Order Processing Flow and Functions
Major Features
Setting Up
Master File Maintenance
User Profile Maintenance
Printed Output
Product Master/Structure/Routers
Customer Master/Trade/Freight
Types of Units of Measure
System Control
Warehouse Master
Salesman Master
Sales Commission Rate File
Order Type Maintenance
Order Function Criteria
Order Process Criteria
Order Input Criteria
Reason Code Master
Terms Code Master
Tax Code Master
U.S. Taxation
Canadian Taxation
Australian Taxation
Value Added Taxation (Europe)
Freight Terms Code Maintenance
Customer Master
General Information
Order Processing
Invoicing Information
Dunning Support
General Ledger Information
General Ledger Information
Tax Information
Bank Identification
User Defined Fields
Ship To Master
User Defined Fields
Lifecycle Code Maintenance
Country Codes
Trading Code Master
Product Master
General Product Information
Order Processing Information
Product Trade Information
Error File Maintenance
Customer Product Numbers
Kit Structure Maintenance
Supplemental Order Maintenance
Shopping List Rebuild
Supersede/Substitute Maintenance
Data Queue Maintenance
Pack Type Maintenance
EDI Control File Maintenance

Pricing Facts
Line Item Pricing Hierarchy
Full Order Pricing Hierarchy
List Price Maintenance
Product List Price Maintenance
Global List Price Maintenance
Contract Price Master
Global Contract Price Maintenance
Price Rounding Maintenance
Promotion Contract Maintenance
Trade Allowances
Class Code Maintenance
Vendor Cross Reference Maintenance
Accounts Payable Functions to Support Trade Allowances
Pay-By-A/P Payment Details Update
Pay-By-A/P Payment Batch Creation
Pay-By-Payment Edit/Update
Order Entry
Order Entry Screen Flow
(OB0020 - Header)
(OB0020 - Expanded Header I)
(OB0020 - Expanded Header II)
(OB0020 - Line Item Entry)
Action Codes
(OB0020 - Expanded Line Item Entry)
(Action Code S - Store Destination Quantities)
(OB0020 - Completion Screen)
Batch Order Entry
Batch Edit/Update
Order Processing
Order Processing Flow and Functions
Order Processing Functions
Full Order Pricing
Credit Hold Release
Acknowledgment Print
Pick Slip Release
Allocation Maintenance
Auto Pick Slip Release
Auto Allocation
Allocation Parameters
Pick Slip Print
Batch Pulling
Shipment Confirmation
ASN/BOL Print/Reprint
Invoice Release
Invoice Print
Invoice Update
Consolidated Invoice Processing
Reports and Inquiries
Hands On Workshop


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