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1 Day


AP Administrative, General Accountants, Business Analysts, Controller, Programmer/Analyst


Proficiency in setting up, entering and processing vendor invoices for inventory and services. Understand additional payment options including electronic processing.

Topics Covered

AP Master file configuration, Payment Processing, Reports & Inquiries

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led with hands-on workshop or self-review

Workbook length (pages)


Course Details
Payment Processing Overview
Major Features
A/P Invoice and Payment Processing
Invoice Entry Types
Invoice Registration
Master File Configuration
System Control
Bank Identification Control
Payment Codes
Bank Codes (Master)
Payment Summary - Checks
Payment Summary - Standard Payment (Other)
Payment Summary - Drafts
Distribution Set Maintenance
Vendor Master Maintenance
Vendor Payment Data Maintenance
Bank Identification Maintenance
Product Master Maintenance
Dock to Stock
System Control
Receipt Transaction Maintenance
Disposition Master Maintenance
Standard Distribution Listing (AP0201)
Summary Vendor Master List (MS0005)
Disposition Master List 8.3 (PO0200)
Receipt Transaction Master List 8.3 (PO0205)
Invoice Processing
A/P Invoice and Payment Processing
Invoice Entry
Invoice Header
Matched Receipts
Allocate to Landed Cost Elements
Domestic and Foreign Freight
Miscellaneous Cost 1 and 2
Distribution to G/L Accounts
Invoice Inquiry
Recurring Payables Maintenance
Invoice Correction
Open Item Maintenance
Recurring Payables Report (AP0212)
Transaction Register (AP0040)
Cash Requirements Report (AP0060)
Aged Payables Report (AP0070)
Invoices on Hold Report (AP0170)
Bank/Payment Code Audit Report(AP0075)
Distribution by G/L Account (AP0150)
A/P Accrual Report (AP0215)
Historical PPV Report8.4
PPV Subledger Report8.4
Purchase Order Variance Report
Purchase Order Matching Report

Payment Processing
A/P Invoice and Payment Processing
Auto Payment Selection
Bank Payment Status
Payment Selection Maintenance
Payment Processing
Payment Print Reset
Bank Payment Status Reset
Disbursement Journal
Voided Payments
Payment Reconciliation
Draft Close
Preliminary Payment Register (AP0100)
Disbursement Journal (AP0125)
1099 Reporting File List (AP0220)
Vendor Payment Analysis (AP0160)
A/P Trial Balance (AP0050)
Discount Analysis Report (AP0200)
Outstanding Payment Report (AP0180)
Other Topics
Invoice Registration
Transaction Entry (AP0013)
Pending Approval Report (AP0045)
Trade Allowances
Trade Allowance Maintenance (OB0350)
Vendor Cross Reference (MS0839)
Pay-By-A/P Payment Batch Creation (AP0306)
Pay-By-Payment Edit/Update (AP0304)
Period End
A/P Period Close
MTD Transaction Register (AP0042)
MTD Intercompany Transaction Register (AP0043)
MTD Payment Register (AP0130)
A/P Matching File Purge
1099 Processing
Create 1099 Reporting File (AP0219)
1099 Reporting File List (AP0020)
1099 Report File Maintenance (AP0821)
1099 Forms and Tape (AP0221)
Hands On Workshop


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