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1 Day


All users and decision makers that work, touch or direct PRMS


Learn each new change delivered with Version 9 from Version 8.4. Understand the impact and relevance to the student's current activities.

Topics Covered

Each new enhancement is reviewed by module.

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led or self-review

Workbook length (pages)


Course Details
Customer Order Processing
Blanket Customer Orders
Consignment Inventory
Customer Product Maintenance
Vendor Managed Inventory
Inventory Processing Tools
Inventory Adjustment Processing
VMI Forecast Generation
VMI Forecast Maintenance
VMI Forecast Inquiry
VMI Forecast Report
VMI Forecast Purge
VMI Generation
VMI Inquiry/Pegging
VMI Generation Report
VMI Planned Order Review
Suggested Order Replenishment
Returned Goods Processing
RGA Authorized Users
Memo Code Maintenance
Product Master Maintenance
RGA/CD Memo Entry
RGA/CD Inquiry
Labels & Authorization Print
RGA Receipts
Disposition Update
RGA Receipts Maintenance
RGA/CD Memo Gen
Open RGA Memos Report
Pricing Mass Maintenance
Product List Maintenance
Global List Price Maintenance
Global Contract Price Maintenance
Price Rounding Maintenance
Sales Commission Extract
Multiple Ship To's
Multiple Invoice Releases
Output Queue in Warehouse Master for Data Queues
Packaging & Labeling
Order Inquiry
Customer Number/Invoice Number
KWIC Search Alternate View
Next Customer Number/Ship-To Number
Product Master Ship From Warehouse
Accounts Payable
AP/PO Matching
AP Accrual Report
A/P Inquiry
Check Amount in Words
Self-Bill Invoice
Accounts Receivable
Consolidated Invoicing
A/R Inquiry
Auto Cash Posting
Product Definition
Lifecycle Code Maintenance
Inventory Control
Warning for Negative On Hand/Allocations
Bar Code/UPC Symbol
Shop Floor Control
Production Reporting/Order Close Edits
Global Line Calendar Maintenance
Rework Work Orders
Material Planning
Consider Negative On Hand Balance as Zero
MPS/MRP/DRP Exception Messages
Forecast Consumption Demand Source for MPS
Forecast Consumption Demand Source for DRP
Receiving Process Enhancements
Addition of Incoming ASN EDI transaction
Batch Receiving Programs
In-Transit Disposition
Grouping of Receivers for Mass Movement
Cascade Receiving
View Zero Open
Auto assignation of lot numbers
Outbound 840 EDI
Vendor/Plant Cross Reference for MultiPlant
Vendor Alpha Lookup
Service PO's
Next Vendor Number
User Interface
Prompt Window for Lookup/Select
Active Objects
Data Base Enhancements
Expanded Descriptions
User Defined Fields
User Defined Field Descriptions
Currency Display Server
Product Cost Query File
Corporate View Member for Multi-Plant
Technical Administration
Prompt Maintenance
Data Dictionary Maintenance
User Profile Maintenance
Workstation Master
Program Abnormal End Control
Application Server Listing
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