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1 Day


Material Planners, Master Production Schedulers, Warehouse Supervisors, Warehouse Adminstration, Business Analysts, Production Control


Proficiency in creating and transacting Replenishment Orders. Understanding of impact to demand and supply planning.

Topics Covered

Features, Process, Setup, Operations, Reports & Inquiries, Mfg Planning in Multiplant

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led with hands on workshops or self-review

Workbook length (pages)


Course Details
Modules and Environments
Other Impacts to PRMS
RO Applications/Environments
Warehouse Replenishment Orders
WRO Features
Replenishment Order Functional Process
System Control
Replenishment Order Entry
Initial Entry Screen
Order Header Screen
Notes Screen
Order Line Screen
Order Line Screen - Fold Screen
DRP Planned Order Screen
MRP Planned Order Screen
Transferred Demand Screen
Alternate Supply Warehouse
Inventory Allocation Maintenance
Selection Method
Order Selection Screen
Allocation Screen
Processing Backorders
Pick Slip Release
Auto Allocations
Pick Slip Print
Shipment Confirmation
Bill of Lading Print
RO Receipts
RO Suspense Reconciliation
Warehouse Location Transfer
Replenishment Order Purge
Reports & Inquiries
Replenishment Order Inquiry (RO0205)
Shipment Performance Report (RO0070)
Replenishment Order Report (RO0260)
Open Replenishment Order Report (RO0265)
Batch Pulling Report (RO0285)
Suspended R.O. Report (RO0520)
Manufacturing Planning in Multiplant
PRMS Multiplant
Planning with Multiplant
Using the Forecasting Workbench
Not Using the Forecasting Workbench
Managing Interplant Demand
Defining Interplant Demand
How it Works 8.3
Inquiries and Maintenance 8.3
Hands On Workshop
Multiplant Workshop
DRP Workshop


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