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1 or 2 days


Accounts Receivable Department, General Accounting, Business Analysts, Programmer/Analyst, Financial Analyst,


Understand the features and functions available with the PRMS Accounts Receivable module. Understand and be able to apply payments to customer invoices.

Topics Covered

AR Overview, Setup by File/Function, Applying payments and adjustments to invoices, Dunning, Self-Billing Overview, Electronic payment processing, Draft processing

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led

Workbook length (pages)


Four Types of Processing
Invoices from Customer Orders
Invoices without Customer Orders
Payments with No Invoices
Self-Bill Invoice
Inquiries & Reports
Setup and Maintenance - the Basics
Setup Functions
System Control
Order Entry & Billing Options
OB Default GL Account Numbers
Invoicing Control
Invoice Release Control
Period End Dates and Control
Applications Installed
Bank Identification Control
Currency Code Maintenance
Multi-Currency Options
Taxation Options
Accounts Receivable
Master Files
Bank Master Maintenance
Payment Code Master Maintenance
Terms Code Maintenance
Printed Address Formats 9.1
Customer Master Maintenance
Corporate Customer Master Maintenance
Order Type Maintenance
Processing Payments
Creating Invoices for Customer Orders
Creating Invoices without Customer Orders
AR Invoice Entry (AR0014)
Posting Payments to Invoices
AR Cash Posting (AR0015)
Entering Adjustments
Entering Transfers
Non AR Cash Posting
Transaction Register Recovery
Month End
Customer Statements (AR0080)
AR Period End Update (AR0140)
Reports & Inquiries
Customer Alpha Lookup
Corporate Customer Alpha Lookup
Accounts Receivable Inquiry - AR0008
Accounts Receivable Inquiry - AR0005
Transaction Register
AR Trial Balance Report
Aged Trial Balance Report
Customer Statements
AR Posting Summary Report

Dunning Support
Setup for Dunning
System Control
Message/Letter Codes
Dunning Control Code Maintenance
Customer Master Maintenance
Processing Dunning
Dunning History Update
Dunning Extract
Past Due Extract Maintenance
Dunning Letter Writer
Dunning History Inquiry
Dunning History Purge
Receive Payments via EDI
Remittance Advice Processing
Remittance Advice Batch Creation (AR0190)
R/A Batch Maintenance (AR0194)
R/A Batch Edit/Update (AR0196)
R/A Batch History Inquiry (AR0199)
Self-Bill Invoice
OB Default GL Account Numbers
Next Available Batch Number
Customer Master Maintenance (MS0836)
Order Entry (OB0020)
Processing Self-Billing
Self-Bill Invoice Batch Creation (AR0093)
S/B Invoice Batch Maintenance (AR0094)
S/B Invoice Batch Edit/Update (AR0096)
S/B Invoice Batch History Inquiry (AR00190)
Memorandum AR Trial Balance Report (AR0055)
Memorandum Aged Trial Balance Report (AR0065)
Draft Processing
Setting Up
System Control
Bank Codes
Payment Code Master Maintenance
Processing Drafts
Draft Deposits (AR0090)
AR Cash Posting (AR0015)
Draft Listing (AR0070)
Processing Drafts
Draft Statements (AR0085)
Draft Close (AR0100)


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