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MRP II & ERP Concepts
History and Evolution

Course Content

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On-site, expert led
'prime and launch' for groups up to 25
Michael Bellinfante brings a perspective from over 25 years of practical experience with over 50 different locations in the field of integrated manufacturing systems and the strategies, technologies and tactical operations to make them work.
How do you get everyone up to speed on ERP and 'The Integrated System(s)'?
Here is the solution!


1 Day


Everyone that has any direct, indirect or support position to the planning and execution of Distribution and Manufacturing operations including executive staff.


Understand the architecture, value and requirements of the successful implementation and operation of an integrated business system. Understand the difference between planning and execution and the inter-relationship. Provide a common knowledge platform to express and direct business processes.

Topics Covered

The beginnings of formal systems - how functions are processed, module by module definition of the integrated system, expansion of the integrated system - concepts and applications. 20 Years of study and experiences are the basis of this right-to-the point information, packed with exactly what you need to know. Full of great examples and full color exhibits. Delivered in industry standard Adobe Acrobat .pdf.

Instruction Methodology

Instructor led or self-review

Workbook length (pages)


Workshop Self-directed. Perform administration of posting purchase receipts, locating inventory, creating work orders, issuing components, posting production, creating customer order, shipping customer order, developing production plan, calculating master production schedule, calculating material requirements plan and updating buy cards.
Presentation Styling Styled for full screen presentation including full color illustrations, appropriately sized fonts and complete table of contents
Bonus! Pull Execution Systems - how to make your ERP support JIT, Kanban or other forms of 'pull systems'.

For our valued customers in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and our neighbors to the north, Canada - just for you - a Commonwealth English version. No need to tranlslate that funny date format the Americans use or the odd use of 'er' instead of 're'. We even remembered to add the 'u' for Labour.

The Table of Contents

Way Back When?
In the beginning
Functions necessary to get the job done
Tracking Inventory
Scheduling Production
Plan Purchased and Make Components
Create Work Order & Shop Packet
Track & Record Shop Floor Activity
Ship Product to Customer
Period Perspective from Academia
Material Requirements Planning
MRP II - Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Shipment Forecasting
Distribution Requirements Planning
Production Planning
Demand Source Management
Rough Cut Capacity Planning
The Electronic Dispatcher
Management by Exception
Product Structure Definition
Routings & Work Centers
Manufacturing Environments
Material Delivery & Control
Capacity Requirements Planning
Inventory Control
Purchasing & Receiving
ERP - and other expansions of the "formal system"
Supply Chain Planning
Warehouse Logistic Systems
Product Data Management
Manufacturing Execution Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Pull Execution Systems

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